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24/7 Battery Jump Start Service

Car Battery Jump Start Service in the Southern St. Louis Metro Area

At Ives Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker, our roadside assistance solution includes a battery jump start service to overcome two disheartening incidents. Residents and visitors either watch their dashboard lights dim until the car battery fades, or they turn the keys only to hear a clicking sound that leaves them sinking.

That’s mainly because both incidents leave motorists stuck in parking lots, road shoulders, or in their driveway when they need to be elsewhere. If there’s a silver lining to dealing with a vehicle that won’t start, it’s that Ives Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker provides prompt, battery jump start service in House Springs, Sikeston, Cape Girardeau, Biehle, Ste. Genevieve, Perry County, Jefferson County, Missouri, and the surrounding area. We have a complete fleet of roadside assistance vehicles outfitted with the latest tools and technologies. Our roadside assistance specialists can diagnose the low-charge issues and perform a jump start in place.

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Why Did My Car Battery Die?

People often ask our customer care professionals or roadside assistance technicians: Why did my car battery die? Truth be told, there are a limited number of reasons people call us for battery jump-start service solutions. The batteries used in all cars, trucks, SUVs, motor homes, and commercial vehicles have an expected lifetime. As batteries age, their ability to maintain a healthy charge steadily wanes.

Another common reason car batteries seem to die unexpectedly is due to a lack of ongoing maintenance and care. Motorists tend to focus on oil changes, power steering fluid, engine coolant levels, and getting regular tune-ups.

Few vehicle owners take the time to check the condition of their car batteries or ask automotive technicians to have a look. What tends to occur is low battery fluids and corrosion on the terminals. These oversights and the following issues can result in a car battery suffering diminished charge capacity.

Extreme Cold

Car batteries are more susceptible to extreme weather conditions than motorists may realize. The prime temperature for a car battery to function hovers around 80 degrees. That means searing temperatures into the triple-digits and sub-freezing conditions have a harsh impact on the product’s ability to remain charged. When winter arrives, the frigid temperatures have a detrimental effect on car batteries. It’s not unusual for these products to struggle. Aging batteries and those that didn’t receive adequate maintenance are more likely to lose charge altogether.

Infrequent Use

Automobile batteries rely on the engine to run, triggering the alternator to deliver a consistent charge. People who regularly operate their passenger vehicles rarely notice declining battery charges because it’s automatically revitalized. But when a car, truck, SUV, or recreational vehicle sits idle for too long, the battery will inevitably lose charge until entirely dead. Consider running underused vehicles periodically to avoid needing to call battery jump start service.

Failure to Keep the Battery Clean

Car batteries are typically filled with water and chemicals such as sulfuric acid. Over time, this corrosive element tends to affect parts of the battery power system negatively. The most common area for corrosion buildup is on the terminals and connecting cables. A failure to keep the battery, terminals, and cables free of green corrosion and other gunk can prevent your vehicle from starting when you turn the key.

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RV Jump Start Services

The number of recreational vehicle owners who call for battery jump start service in the Southern St. Louis Metropolitan area continues to trend high. Spending time at area campgrounds sometimes leads travelers and vacationers to run electricity and power up devices longer than batteries can handle. At the end of the stay, motor homes often won’t start up. Fortunately for roadtrippers and travelers, Ives Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker enjoys wonderful working relationships with local parks and campgrounds.

24/7 Battery Jump Start Company

Ives Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker provides quick battery jump start service in House Springs, Sikeston, Cape Girardeau, Biehle, Ste. Genevieve, Perry County, Jefferson County, Missouri, and the surrounding area.
We provide prompt, cost-effective jump-start services that residents and visitors can trust. If your car, truck, SUV, or motor home doesn’t start up due to a low-charged or dead battery, we have a tow truck operator available to get you up and running right now.

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